Dryden Township Fire Department


Our Mission  
It is the mission of the Dryden Township Fire Department to preserve life and property, promote public safety and foster economic growth through leadership, management and actions, as a life safety response provider.

Dryden Fire Department History
Since its inception on September 24, 1948, Dryden fire Department continues to Serve the Residents of Dryden Township and provide aid to neighboring townships throughout Lapeer County.  With Generosity and Support from the community, Dryden Fire Department has the most advanced and up to date equipment to help in the preservation of life safety and minimizing property damage. our Dedicated Staff and Members undergo a rigorous ongoing training program that meet or exceed state requirements. 

Burn Permit
Burn permits can be secured for the open burning of leaves, tree branches or yard trimmings originating on the premises of a private residence the burn is happening. Burn permits are typically valid for 7 days (Monday to Sunday), and can be cancelled at any time if conditions mandate a ban. Please note burning is not permitted within Dryden Village limits at any time.

Click here to request a burn permit.

Smoke Detector Program
The use of smoke detectors is critically important to keeping your home and loved ones safe.  to encourage ALL Dryden residents to use them, we are now offering FREE installation of smoke detectors.

Please call (810) 796-3050 to schedule an appointment for your smoke detector installation.  If no one is available, please leave a message and someone will get back with you.